Good Afternoon my fellow cuties!

I'm actually very busy at this moment but a smart part of me tells me to create a blog! but for now, maybe i shall share some things about myself that probably you don't care about?

I'm currently a young adult thinking of taking over the world.


I love pizza

I want to make the world smarter even though i'm dumb

I think that there is a lack of humanity in this world.

I think that people can make the stupidest things relevant to life.

I'm pretty straightforward so i'm a big fan of honesty and a big hater of lies.

I respect people that has their life together, fiercely independent, honest and very reliable.

I hate people that abuse people and animals. Or living things in general.

I love people that has passion in something they love.

I want to teach people to be a feminist at some point.

I love Emma Watson and she is my role model.

I will continue blogging some other time. Be nice to one another.